President - Reese Tanking

Vice President - Parker Koch

Secretary - Lily Puvogel

Treasurer - Morgan Allen

Publicist - Eve Jones

Stuco Rep - Lawson Osterhaus

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Club Meetings - During high school lunch
Oct 10, Nov 14, Dec 12, Jan 9 Feb 13, Mar 19, and Apr 9

Officer Meetings- Sep 19, Oct 3 and 17, Nov 7, Dec 5 and 19, Jan 16, Feb 6 and 20, Mar 5 and 19, Apr 2 and 16


Competition Dates-

District at Washburn Jan 31
State in Topeka Apr 4-5
Nationals- Orlando, FL Jun 29-Jul 2


Field Trips- Wenger Manufacturing & Custom Life Co. Nov 21
Federal Reserve Bank in KC Dec 14


Seniors: Reese Tanking, Eve Jones, Brody Grossnickle, Derek Koch
Juniors: Morgan Allen, Lawson Osterhaus, Lily Puvogel, Gage Wimberly, Parker Koch
Sophomores: Kynle Orr, Kieryn Franklin, Cole Durland
Freshman: Jayce Schmitz, Jacie Koch, Allison Domann